A Normal Day at CLA

A Normal Day at CLA

What is a Normal Day Like at CLA?

boarding schoolMornings:  On a regular day, students at CLA will get up at 6:30 or 7:00 am (depending on the day), they will exercise for 45 minutes to an hour. They have half an hour for cleaning their rooms. After that they will take a shower and have breakfast. After that, depending on the day, they may go to school for 3 or 4 hours, or be involved in individual or group therapy. They may also have to do chores around the house.

Noon:  They will have lunch and rest for half an hour. 

In the afternoon they typically go back to school for another 2 hours. They may do more physical exercise or go to a sports activity. Free time is granted depending on the level.

 In the evening they will have supper time, then it will be reflection time (time to write letters or discuss family matters). Again, depending on the day, they may enjoy a movie with the other students. Lights out is at 9:30, depending on the level of the student. Upper levels may stay up for one hour more.

How many hours are devoted to Academics?

35 hours a week, from Monday to Saturday

How many hours are devoted to Exercise and Athletics?

2-3 hours daily

How many hours are devoted to working with a Therapist?

Daily:  60-90 minutes group therapy 

Weekly:  60-90 minutes individual therapy with our lead psychologist 

Monthly and Periodic:  60-90 minutes family therapy each month as minimum for lower levels, 3 hours per month for upper levels. (This does not include seminar time or additional family therapies requested by the therapist or the family)

How do weekend activities differ from weekdays?

Saturdays are considered a regular day. Sundays is a day of rest and activities vary, however they have more planned leisure and rest time.

Are the students required to do chores?

Students are required to keep up their living spaces. They receive daily room checks and it is considered part of their program grade. Chores are a regular part of the program (learning to be responsible and take care of themselves) and are applied every day. Laundry must be prepared by the students, however they are not allowed to use washer or dryer. Kitchen duties are reserved for upper levels, but only to assist the the paid Kitchen Staff.

What about chapel services, off-campus worship, and other church-related activities?

If a student wants to attend an off-campus service, students must have passed the initial 30-day check period. They must be not on the “runaway risk” list nor on any other watch list. They must also show some level of commitment to go along with the program before he is allowed off campus (accompanied by staff). There is also an on-campus spiritual class once a week and a reflection time everyday before bedtime.

How many meals do the students receive each day? 

Students have three full meals a day, plus two snacks between each meal. Cooking is done by our Kitchen Staff and meals are revised by Professional Nutritionist every month.

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A Normal Day at the California Leadership Academy Boarding School

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