Academics at California Leadership Academy, where youth change from their bad behavior and become confident and mature – traditional schools and Christian boarding schools.

Academics at California Leadership Academy, where youth change from their bad behavior and become confident and mature – traditional schools and Christian boarding schools.



Academics at CLA

Our teachers work hand-in-hand with each student to develop an Educational Plan that will get them back on track, excel, and then will carry them forward.

We Provide an Awesome Education!

california boarding schoolOur academics feature an award-winning online high school program. Even troubled teens enjoy this kind of self-paced, online education, assisted by certified on-campus teachers.  

Our students benefit from the flexibility of our online academic curriculum, including customization of their course work according to their needs and their level.  The curriculum teaches critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and developing the communication and collaboration skills they will need for further education, college online courses, and in their career and life.

• Our education program is self-paced and flexible, with both online and classroom tutors.

• Students with learning disabilities or attention deficit succeed in this type of learning environment.

Teachers and tutors are on hand to assist students, plus report back to parents via live chats, message center, chat room conferences, phone calls and emails.

• The courses may be continued from home, and credits are transferable to other high schools.

• Our diplomas are accepted at leading colleges and universities in America and around the world.

boarding schoolParents receive routine written reports from the school that will outline their child’s current status. These reports include their current Level, the number of credits they have earned, the number of credits they have lost with the description as to why, their current academic course of study, with the number of chapters completed and the number of chapters still needed to be completed. Also a progress report written from the student that outlines what they feel they have learned, what progress they have made, and what issues they have been working on. These written reports give each parent/guardian detailed information on their child’s progress and are designed to minimize the need to make expensive telephone calls to the school.

We believe our youth are a premier source of wisdom and leadership in their families as well as their communities. California Leadership Academy provides our students with a strong academic program in order to help them achieve their dreams and become the leaders they were meant to be.

The essential elements of our academic program are a state of the art online curriculum with a variety of classes that include all required core classes accompanied with great electives. Our students have the opportunity to develop an interest for any particular area of study.

Helping students grow both academically and socially in a positive environment

• 5 hours of school Monday through Saturday every week of the year
• Staff certified in education tutoring every class and supervising weekly progress
• One-on-one monthly meeting with the Academics Director
• Intensive 2-month preparation for SAT/ACT available

We’ll Improve Your Child’s GPA Score

Upon enrollment each student has an academic interview and assessment test in order for our Academic Director to have a better understanding of where the student is at in their studies. Regardless of prior academic performance, our students have thrived and improved tremendously during their time with us. In fact most of our students arrive with an average GPA of 1.92 and leave with an average GPA of 3.50, which is 1.58 points higher.

We Have Certified Teachers

Our dedicated team of Certified Teachers are here to guide each student in their learning and in many cases beginning their journey towards academic recovery. Our teachers work hand in hand with each student to develop an Educational Plan, that will get them back on track, excel and then will carry them forward well beyond their time at California Leadership Academy.

nca_accred_seal-300x178Your Teen Will Study With an Accredited School

We provide your child with the best possible educational services, technology, and curriculum through Advantages School International. Courses are offered in multiple languages.

asiASI maintains accreditation through AdvancEd. Accreditation is a highly prized designation, which has to be earned. Accreditation is your guarantee that a school has met certain minimum standards during a thorough review by a body of its peers. Accreditation through AdvancEd is and ongoing process of self-study, goal setting and evaluation.

ASI’s College Preparatory Diploma Program is based on the University of California requirements, which comprises of 20 credits for completion. Partnering with ASI allows for a flexible academic program where schooling, travel and training never conflict. Using ASI’s system allows for either an accredited diploma, or makes it easy for parents to continue their child’s education upon returning home, without him returning to his old school or peers. 

ncaaOur coursework is also approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The one-size-fits-all practices that define the traditional classroom have given way to new approaches in both curriculum and instruction. ASI’s digital environment provides the flexibility to meet the needs of all types of learners, at a pace that works with the student’s lifestyle.

boarding school teacherEmbedded scaffolds and supports make rigorous content accessible so all students can succeed – regardless of their level of academic readiness. To address students’ individual learning preferences and needs, ASI offers more than 300 courses for grades K-12. We offer core, honors, advanced placement, as well as foundation courses for students who need extra support.

ASSIST is the ASI system used for all communication, records, and progress reports. It contains all the features of a traditional front office in an online format. Students, teachers and parents are all able to send messages, view the resource library, and print unofficial transcripts via ASSIST.

With an emphasis on academics, college preparation and technology we have found our academic program to be well rounded and successful.

In collaboration with parents, teachers, and the community, students will develop skills to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders in order to reach their highest potential.  Our small size allows us to develop strong interpersonal relationships with our students based on trust and love.

 Our extra-curricular activities, which are relevant, research-based, and dynamic, allow the students to enjoy new forms of learning, not found in your typical high school

Their learning does not end with us, they will continue to learn and grow every day and that is why we make sure to provide them with the necessary skills to prepare them for the lifelong journey of education.


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Should you need help finding schools for troubled teens, affordable alternative schools, boarding schools or boarding schools, please let us know. We are a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, with counseling and therapy. We serve teens from the southeast and southwest, including troubled teens in Texas and in California. We help teens in California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and Arizona.

The Academic Program of California Leadership Academy

Academics at California Leadership Academy, where youth change from their bad behavior and become confident and mature