An affordable therapeutic boarding school near Southern California that helps troubled teens from Bakersfield, California and across the country. – schools for troubled teens and alternative boarding schools.

An affordable therapeutic boarding school near Southern California that helps troubled teens from Bakersfield, California and across the country. – schools for troubled teens and alternative boarding schools.

Affordable Boarding Schools in Bakersfield, California

Affordable Boarding Schools in Bakersfield, California

Discovering the best and most affordable therapeutic boarding school in Bakersfield, California can be complicated, especially if you are seeking a school for a troubled or unmotivated child. Introducing California Leadership Academy…

California Leadership Academy is an affordable therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled teenagers. It is located near Southern California, just a couple miles south of Coronado and a short distance from San Diego. But before you click away from this page because of the location, be sure you understand why it could be the best option to place your child at this school. For starters, it may be far more reasonably priced than boarding schools in Bakersfield, California.

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The lovely oceanside campus and program of CLA was developed by a professional team to enable boys to mature in their thinking and get back on track academically. It may be that your teenager is acting differently right now and getting involved in some pretty scary behavior, but the skilled team at CLA sees only the potential in your child. They understand that troubled boys are usually intelligent, gifted adolescents who have simply made some poor decisions in life. They know how to turn these teens around, toward more healthy pursuits for a bright future.

If you are looking for lower cost boarding schools in Bakersfield, California, please consider California Leadership Academy instead.

Parenting a troubled teenager is a difficult and confusing ordeal. Your once happy son has turned into a parenting nightmare. You are concerned for his future, and maybe for his life! But there is hope! CLA only admits troubled teenagers and offers them treatment in a sympathetic and caring atmosphere. Although it may be a difficult choice to send your child away from home, it is critical that these troubles are addressed rapidly and efficiently far away from the bad influences in Bakersfield, California.

Lower cost boarding schoolNo troubled teen wants to be in an institution. That’s why CLA developed a comfortable campus with a homelike environment and a comprehensive variety of activities to enjoy. The students spend a good deal of time outside and in our pool, taking in the sun and visiting the ocean. While building up their academic record, they gain leadership skills and they learn to handle stress; moreover, they become able to reject the poor influences and substances that can ruin their future.

Perhaps your child has been suspended, gotten in trouble with the law, or is bored with school. We can help!

Your teenager may feel like they cannot find a way out of the mess he has created for himself, and he cannot, on his own! Getting behind in school can be very frustrating for a child, and really vexing to you as their parent. You want your teen to have the opportunity for a successful future and your boy wants that as well, even if they don’t seem to. They just lack the tools to turn their life around. CLA can change the negative path your child is on to a positive one. CLA will enable your child to catch up academically, and even get ahead. The CLA team will support and build them up in their desire to improve academically and help tutor and mentor them along the way.

While most private and public schools in Bakersfield, California have a difficult time dealing with such struggling teens, CLA specializes in working with them. CLA uses an accredited academic program, which allows the boys to start over at the right level, get caught up, and even get ahead. As they do, CLA helps the students transform their behavior and their overall ideas and thinking about the rest of their life.

California Leadership Academy is more affordable than boarding schools in Bakersfield, California. Many parents from all over North America have sent their son to this lower cost boarding school, operated by a team of behavioral health professionals.

If your teenager is acting spoiled or entitled, know this; the culture here is free of the concept of entitlement. So if entitlement troubles have been a cause for friction in your family, CLA is the perfect reality check for your child. The local people have a simple culture, whose fundamental lifestyle focuses on what really matters in life … strong connection with family, work ethic, education, respect for the elderly as their wisdom is valued. Boys here learn to uncover and work through their own problems. Taking responsibility for their own actions is in direct alignment with the beliefs of California Leadership Academy. That gives CLA a stand-out advantage to help your child, because they learn to understand that the way they were headed was a dead end.

Sending your child to CLA may seem like it is far away from your home in Bakersfield, California, but you will be kept informed. A liaison will keep you clued in on your child’s progress, and you’ll be able to talk to him and see him via Skype. The updates and communication with your child will make it seem like your child is right next door. And what’s more, you’ll have good reason to come visit your child and to learn from the CLA staff.

As the parent of a troubled teen, you may have a hard time knowing what to do. Let CLA assist you! Your child can succeed in life; in fact they will thrive in this environment. California Leadership Academy provides just the chance for they to get on track and succeed. You’ll get your healthy child back.

So, call toll-free (619) 450-1660 or check out of the rest of the website to learn our affordable tuition, though we are not located in Bakersfield, California .

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Bakersfield is a city near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County, California. It is roughly equidistant between Fresno and Los Angeles, to the north and south respectively.The city’s population was 347,483 at the 2010 census, making it the 9th largest city in California and the 51st largest city in the United States. The Bakersfield Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of 800,458 making it the 63rd largest metropolitan area in the country. It is California’s third largest inland city, after Fresno and Sacramento. The city’s economy relies on agriculture, petroleum extraction and refining, and manufacturing.

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Should you need help finding boarding high schools, boarding schools troubled boys, therapeutic boarding schools or emotional growth schools, please let us know. We are a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, with counseling and therapy. We serve teens from the southeast and southwest, including troubled teens in Texas and in California. We help teens in California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and Arizona.

Affordable Boarding Schools in Bakersfield, California

An affordable therapeutic boarding school near Southern California that helps troubled teens from Bakersfield, California and across the country.