Family Involvement

Family Involvement

Family Involvement

keynotes-and-therapeutic-workshopsOur vision for your family is for you to have your loving child back together with you: going to the beach as a family, going to church together as a family, having dinner together as a family, enjoying family vacations … whatever it is that you hold dear as a family, regardless of the dynamics of your family.

To help facilitate this we provide seminars frequently, with topics such as family integration, communication, and values. These topics are essential in helping families succeed. Here at our residential treatment center for children and troubled teens we implement seminars as an effective way to include families in the process of behavioral change, while providing an opportunity to have quality time between parents and teens.

We consider the parents/guardians of our students as members of our therapy team. Guilt is an emotion that parents of troubled teens often wrestle with. Yet, there’s certainly nothing to feel guilty about intervening and interrupting your son’s destructive direction. Some of the best parents in the world have had a child in our program. Some things are just out of your control.  So, our training program is designed to replace the negative thoughts that are in your head.

Being informed is the first step to solve a problem; in our seminars you are provided with the updated information about your teen’s feelings and conflicts. Then we take it further by helping you understand and reconnect with him. Seminars are an essential element in our program, for one of our goals is to create a support system for the teen with his family.

The goal of the seminars is to provide participants with resources about topics of interest and allow them to participate in activities that create therapeutic opportunities for family and individual growth.

In seminars, parents and teens discuss sensitive topics in a controlled environment with certified psychologists working with them to create a better understanding of one another. The seminars are moderated by our Program Director, Dr. Hugo Wright, who has extensive training and experience in working with family systems.

We provide monthly family seminars, essential in residential treatment centers, that create an opportunity for the family to get information, share and reconnect.


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Should you need help finding military school for troubled teens, therapeutic schools, Christian therapeutic schools or religious boarding schools, please let us know. We are a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, with counseling and therapy. We serve teens from the southeast and southwest, including troubled teens in Texas and in California. We help teens in California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and Arizona.

Families are Involved in the Treatment at California Leadership Academy

We consider the parents/guardians of our students as members of our therapy team and teach them as well