Our Guides

Our Guides


Our Guides help parents and guardians find the best options for their children if they are struggling academically, socially, behaviorally or otherwise. They have a real understanding of the challenges our youth face today and have developed a very sincere and genuine passion for helping both children and their parents. We have worked within such programs and we visit them regularly.

It is through our firsthand experiences and involvement in these schools that we remain dedicated to the ever growing need for boarding school and therapeutic programs. We listen to the parents and assess their child’s behaviors, grades and needs. There are so many different options available today it can become overwhelming for parents, which is why we are here to help!

We understand the need to narrow down the abundance of choices. When parents call us; we listen, assess, direct and assist. We will spend as much as time as necessary answering a parent’s questions and giving them as much information as needed in order for them to have complete peace of mind during this process. We know how difficult this situation can be, especially for teens who have been expelled or have other behavioral or academic problems. Our knowledge, experience and understanding is the key to matching a child’s needs to exactly the right program or school.

Finding a place that offers the proper academics, treatment (if needed), location, cost and length of stay can be solved with one simple phone call from parents, instead of dozens and dozens.

Meet Our Guides…Ready to Help You

scott-largeScott Smith — Director
Scott was for nearly a decade the Admissions Director of a large boarding school for troubled teens. Today, he leads the BCN team, visits schools across the nation, and also works with parents to help them find the right program the first time, and within the family’s budget.

tara-akersTara Akers — Senior Placement Specialist
Tara Akers worked as the Admissions Director of a large midwestern boarding school. Before that, she was employed by a firm that provided consulting and marketing services for various schools throughout the nation. She enjoys helping parents find the right program or school.



Rick was an executive director of a therapeutic boarding school in the northwest. He provided supervision for the admissions department for more than two decades. Rick’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in education. Rick now speaks to groups of educators, therapists and administrators from all over the country and is widely recognized for his work in trauma-informed care. He has dedicated his career to helping others and is committed to helping parents find realistic solutions during challenging times.


Leann has spent the past 10-years working in student services and admissions at a therapeutic, Christian boarding school for at-risk teens. Prior to that, she spent 15-years as an assistant director in a behavioral health organization that served individuals with cognitive disabilities and mental health needs. Leann’s educational background includes degrees in addictions studies and trauma-informed care from Grand Canyon University. She is passionate about servant leadership to marginalized individuals, especially helping parents struggling with their children.

kaitlyn freyKaitlyn Frey — Placement Specialist
Kaitlyn worked with the admissions department of  a large boarding school for troubled teens for several years. She loves giving parents hope that there is something out there to help their teenager, no matter the situation!


California therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teensLisa Johnson — Placement Assistant
Lisa Johnson has several years experience helping out families that are in need, including serving as a Deputy Public Administrator . Lisa loves helping families find hope and encouragement for their families in their time of need. She loves enjoying the outdoors with her family!

robin-goodeRobin Goode — Senior Placement Specialist
After experiencing the confusion and pain of her own son getting in trouble as a teenager a decade ago, Robin was drawn to help other families find the appropriate school or program for their own teenager. Robin’s mission is to never give up on a family; assuring that they find an affordable appropriate program or school for their child.


jenniferJennifer Del-Giudice — Placement Specialist
Jennifer has worked with or been associated with therapeutic boarding schools for most of her life. She is a tenacious and tireless expert at helping parents find the right one for their budget and their teenager’s situation. She is also the Founder of a new therapeutic boarding school for girls in Orlando, Florida, called Providence Pass.


heatherHeather — Placement Assistant

Heather is a mom of six children. She worked with her husband in a boarding school for troubled teens for five years, so she has seen first-hand the success stories of kids and courage of parents. Heather’s two sons-in-law are former boarding school students and are hard workers and great husbands and fathers! Heather is married to  Jason, who has been in the pastoral ministry for 20 years.  Together they have helped countless families and most enjoys helping families find answers and options when they feel hopeless.


KarinaKarina — Placement Assistant Karina earned a B.A. in Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara. She worked in a therapeutic boarding school admissions department before coming to BCN. One of her professional passions is to help parents with the difficult decision to choose the right therapeutic program for their child.

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Should you need help finding educational consultants, boarding schools, military schools or boarding schools troubled teen, please let us know. We will help you find the right therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen, with counseling and therapy. We serve teens from the southeast and southwest, including troubled teens in Texas and in California. We help teens in California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and Arizona.

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