Testimonials, reviews and comments about California Leadership Academy, an affordable therapeutic boarding school serving troubled teens – ranch schools and boarding schools.

Testimonials, reviews and comments about California Leadership Academy, an affordable therapeutic boarding school serving troubled teens – ranch schools and boarding schools.




“I bless the second I found out about the program; after three month of having a hard time to locate any options to help my son. During my research process I felt armless – anyplace where I’d been looking for the help I had received only a heavy portion of embarrassment of not being a good enough parent. I cannot even count how many hours I spent on the Internet, phones, schools to find the program which fits best my son, and finally I did it, and you know that, I’ve discovered not just the program, but the family for my son and even myself – people who take care of him like parents would take, but on the professional basis.

Since first minute of our arrival to the program my son was accommodated with licensed clinical psychologists’ assistance and I also found myself safe, protected and confident. It was the right choice I made for me, my son and our entire family. I personally met most of the school’s staff members at any level of program operation from Director to Guard on the front desk and was so impressed with their professional skills and especially with love light in their eyes. This place is shiny and bright not just to warm climate, but due to people who are working there and multiply love around them.

I do not have enough words to convey myself in thankfulness, gratitude in being lucky to meet the program director, family reps, the therapy supervisors and everyone whom I trust with my son’s life. Day by day, night by night, letter by letter, looks like I am getting my lovely, smart, handsome son back to himself, to me, to the life.”

Truthfully yours,
Olena L. (parent)

“Along with 24 hour therapist supervision, the program’s on-site medical office offers additional reassurance to my peace of mind. Also available are specialized health services for examinations and treatment at the school by carefully selected, certified medical practitioners.

The warm, supportive, family culture is witnessed in the loving care and attentiveness of the program’s staff. The school’s support staff of therapists, administrative and security aides, all share in the nurturing spirit of the culture providing a school atmosphere of strong family values.

In addition to a secure environment, the program offers a structured program of healthy living through their vigorous fitness program and healthy meal menus. Balanced meals are served under strict dietary guidelines by a nutritional consultant, and prepared by experienced cooks. The healing environment of the program reinforces positive learning and character building skills enhanced by the many motivational audios, DVDs and books available.

I have felt great encouragement reading my child’s letters, expressing the principles of leadership and high character learned through the center’s motivational tools and the staff’s caring guidance. Teens discussion groups are part of the daily routine at the program facility.

Professional family workshops, family group conference calls and parent meetings help families keep pace with their student’s progress as each learns character building skills. Both family and teen school workshops offer insight to existing personal and family behavior including keys to structured growth plan. Program Family support is also available through group meetings held monthly throughout most major U.S. areas. The program’s seminar and workshops present an interactive group process and serve as the stepping stones for maintaining lifelong individual successes. Professionally organized and arranged in a series, workshops are conducted throughout all Phases of the student’s enrollment and offered free of charge for students and their families.

I’ve found the program’s cost for quality of service to be unmatched anywhere…so, I feel assured that I’ve made the very best decision for quality care and superior services by choosing this program. The safe, structured environment, reinforced program format and highly trained support staff combine for a secure, positive learning atmosphere and the valuable foundation for my teen’s and family’s new found life.”

A. Weber (parent)

“I am writing to say that we are very impressed with Sunset Bay. The teachers, staff & chefs were very friendly and helpful. The facility is very well managed. My son has made truly amazing changes and improvements. I can’t say enough good things about their commitment to our son’s success.”

Scott & Belinda (parents)

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California Leadership Academy Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials, reviews and comments about California Leadership Academy, an affordable therapeutic boarding school serving troubled teens