An affordable therapeutic boarding school near Southern California that helps troubled teens from Anchorage, Alaska and across the country. – alternative boarding schools and traditional schools.

An affordable therapeutic boarding school near Southern California that helps troubled teens from Anchorage, Alaska and across the country. – alternative boarding schools and traditional schools.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools in North Dakota

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools in North Dakota

If You’re Having Troubled Finding Boarding Schools in North Dakota that will Take in Troubled Teens, It May Be Helpful to Would You Consider California Leadership Academy?

California Leadership Academy is a boarding school that has a team trained to help troubled teens.

Troubled Teen boarding schools First things first, CLA offers an education that is accredited back home in your state. So there is nothing to be concerned about about as far as education or language. Your son will simply be attending a year away at a school for troubled boys and girls where he will be given tools to change his behavior and get caught up in school, free from the stresses and demands of his life back in North Dakota. In fact, this slower paced, more natural environment is absolutely perfect for adolescents who are used to drama and chaos, much of which they create themselves!

Troubled teen boarding schools in North Dakota may be closer to home, but their benefits typically end there. California Leadership Academy is perfect for effectively treating troubled teens in ways other programs may not be.

California Leadership Academy looks long-term when crafting a program for your teen. At the moment, you’re likely just concerned about your son and want him to get better. We understand that, but we go even further! We aim to treat the entire family. Only you know the toll that your child’s misbehavior has had on you, but we can help. We’ll make sure kept in the loop every step of the way. A personal liaison will work with you to ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed. The staff at CLA create a safe, loving environment for your son while you are able to recover and rebuild as well, without worrying about how your child is doing for once.

Boarding Schools for troubled teensOther programs can be a little bit “institutional”. As you can imagine, this would be very uncomfortable for your son. CLA is exactly the opposite! Here, your teen will be at-home and free to be open with the staff that are here to help. The carefree and idyllic island life allows boys to unwind and feel at home. You can be certain that your boy will have a wonderful experience here, enjoying the beaches and sports in sunny, tropical weather. Who would have thought that a life-altering experience could be so much fun!

The problems that troubled teens get into can seem never-ending. School suspension, fighting, drugs or alcohol, and even legal trouble… the list goes on! But don’t worry, CLA understands just how to help teens with these problems.

There is no more helpless feeling than watching your beloved child get caught further into a web of issues. You might feel hopeless and overcome, wanting better things for your son even if he seems not to care at all! Although it is true that without help, these situations will likely only continue to get worse, you can trust in California Leadership Academy. This program has helped teens with any troubles your child is likely to be going through and probably even worse! The CLA staff has a great deal of experience and they specialize in dealing only with troubled teenagers.

Part of the problem here is that these boys are likely to be even more self-absorbed than the average teenager, as you have surely seen. These boys aren’t able to see the bigger picture and the way that their bad reputation is harming themselves and those around them. We know they aren’t bad kids; in fact, most of them are outstanding in a lot of ways. At this school, students are not viewed as problems or kids who need punishment. We see their potential and what makes them unique and simply provide them the opportunity to embrace who they really are, the kids that you once knew them to be!

California Leadership Academy is a special place. Your troubled child can finally grow into great kid you have always known they could become. Your family can recover and receive the priceless gift of a happy, healthy child that might seem impossible right now.

Some troubled teen boarding schools in North Dakota believe in intense discipline and corporal punishment. Your child will always be treated with respect and dignity at California Leadership Academy. You know as well as the staff here does that your son is not a criminal or a bad person and they will never be treated as if they were. We see only the good in your son and allow him to see it too. Nothing is more important to CLA than the happiness and well-being of your family. You can communicate with our staff here and discover for yourselves that their connection to these students is deep and driven by compassion. We aim for transparency and staff will not sugar-coat things for you. We know how much is at stake for you and your family and can assure you that you will know what is going on at all times. You can rest easy sending your child to the care of the staff at CLA, an assurance that many other schools cannot provide.

Place your trust in California Leadership Academy. Give us a call toll-free at (619) 450-1660 or go ahead and look through our website to find out everything about this troubled teen boarding school. You will not regret your decision to look beyond North Dakota for troubled teen boarding schools.

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Should you need help finding troubled teen schools, programs for troubled teens, residential schools or alternative schools, please let us know. We are a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, with counseling and therapy. We serve teens from the southeast and southwest, including troubled teens in Texas and in California. We help teens in California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and Arizona.

Troubled Teen Boarding Schools in North Dakota

An affordable therapeutic boarding school near Southern California that helps troubled teens from Anchorage, Alaska and across the country.