Troubled Teen Warning Signs

Troubled Teen Warning Signs

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Mark the current behaviors and attitudes below that are true about your child, then add them up.  See the scoring at the bottom.

__ Your child’s choices and behaviors have become in opposition to your family values.
__ Your child has ever been suspended, expelled or had multiple unexcused absences from school.
__ He/She has been verbally abusing you or someone in your family.
__ He/She or she is associating with a bad peer group.
__ He/She has lost interest in things he once loved (sports, academics, clubs).
__ He/She avoids (or acts disgusted by) participation in family outings and responsibilities.
__ He/She has had legal troubles due to misbehavior or poor choices.
__ You feel held hostage by him or her, or are always walking on pins and needles when around him.
__ You are concerned your child will not graduate high school, let alone achieve a good grade point average.
__ He/Sheseems depressed, anxious or withdrawn, rarely coming out of his/her bedroom.
__ His/Her hygiene has gone down hill — far outside of your family’s standards.
__ He/She seems much more aggressive and in your face.
__He/She has become manipulative or deceitful, or has lost his/her moral compass.
__He/She has at some time been the victim of bullies or has become a bully himself.
__ Lying and blame shifting is used as a means to avoid accountability and consequences.
__ You have concerns for your child’s safety or well-being.
__ Your child’s temper or angry outbursts have caused problems in the home or at school.
__ He struggles with self-esteem and/or self-worth and often says, “I don’t care.”
__ You have lost trust in your child (to leave him home alone, to use your car or valuables).
__ He/She engages in activities outside the bounds of your family values.
__ He/She or she is experimenting with or using illegal or unsafe drugs and/or alcohol.
__ You often feel ineffective when dealing with your child (nothing seems to help).
__ No matter what rules and consequences you’ve set in, he/she ignores and/or defies them.
__ Resulting from his/her actions, you are worn out, always on edge, and your family life is in chaos.
__ You are worried for your child’s future, and sometimes wonder if he/she will even survive.

__ TOTAL  (if your total is more than 9, your child is at a high risk of failure and self-destruction)

If there are red flags, listen to these warnings. It’s time to step it up; not step away. Do not put your head in the sand hoping things will be okay. Listen to your own instincts. If you think you need to take action, you probably do. Trust yourself. Be the safeguard your teen can count on.

Some of the more common signs that a child needs help:

• He/She defies instruction openly and can become verbally abusive and physically violent when confronted
• He/She has run away from home and/or stays out for long periods at a time
• He/She experiments with alcohol, tobacco or other harmful or illegal substances
• He/She has sexually promiscuous behavior
• He/She has problems at school and with school authorities (fights, poor grades, etc:)
• He/She or she is or has been in trouble with the law
• He/She has participated in vandalism or damage of property
• He/She steals money or things
• He/She has changed his/her/regular group of friends or has become socially withdrawn
• He/She has sudden and radical mood changes you have not seen before, or he/she seems to lack empathy for others, and cares about little of anything of importance.

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Check the current behaviors, actions and attitudes below that are true about your troubled child for an online analysis